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Anonymous asked
Is there a way that you would advise to learn Spanish conversation and vocabulary if you aren't exposed to a a Spanish speaker daily? My teacher has told me to read a book and watch a show, but I just do not know where to begin. Could you give me a few suggestions?



Otherwise there are penpal sites that would be very useful.

blackcatholic asked
can you go over commands? (informal)


The informal commands are the easiest of the commands. I assume by informal you mean a  command.

The affirmative commands look like regular present tense 3rd person.

hablar = to speak | ¡Habla! = Speak!

comer = to eat | ¡Come! = Eat!

escribir = to write | ¡Escribe! = Write!

All you usually have to do for a regular verb is to take the 3rd person singular of present tense and there you go.

There are some noticeable exceptions…

So for them, just remember: Vin Diesel has ten weapons, eh?

  • venir = to come | ven = come
  • decir = to say | di = say
  • salir = to go out | sal = leave, go away
  • hacer = to do / to make | haz = do / make
  • tener = to have | ten = have
  • ver = to see | ve = look
  • poner = to put | pon = put
  • ser = to be | sé = be

Or… ven di sal haz ten ve pon sé … “Vin Diesel has ten weapons, eh?”

And also keep in mind that some verbs follow their irregular roots:

  • satisfacer = to satisfy | satisfaz = satisfy
  • obtener = to obtain | obtén = get
  • sostener = to hold onto, to grab | sostén = hold
  • detener = to stop | detén = stop, halt
  • exponer = to expose | expón = expose
  • componer = to compose | compón = compose

With the exception of bendecir and maldecir

  • bendecir = to bless | bendice = bless
  • maldecir = to curse | maldice = curse

Generally, they’re very easy, even with reflexive commands or direct objects / indirect objects.

You just have to worry about accent marks at that point.

Sé bueno. - Be good. [masculine]

Sé buena. - Be good. [feminine]

Pon la mesa. - Set the table.

Ponla. - Set it. (the table)

Ponte la camisa. - Put on your shirt.

Póntela. - Put it on.

Haz algo. - Do something.

Hazlo. - Do it.

Haz la cama. - Make the bed.

Dime. - Tell me. [Also the “Hello?” for the phone in Spain]

Dímelo. / Dímela. - Tell it to me. [depends on what “it” is]

Come las verduras. - Eat the vegetables.

Toca el piano. - Play the piano.

Ve. - Go.

Vete. - Go away.

Ven acá / Ven aquí. - Come here.

Quita eso. - Get rid of that.

Quítate eso. - Take that off (of yourself).

Descríbemela. - Describe it to me.

Cuéntamelo. - Tell it to me. (a story)

Sal de aquí. - Get out of here.

Lárgate. - Get away.

Canta. - Sing.

Escríbelo. - Write it.

Ten paciencia. - Be patient.

Ten cuidado. - Be careful.

Sostén esto. - Hold this.

Concéntrate. - Concentrate. [lit. “concentrate yourself”; reflexive command]

Mantente fuerte. - Stay strong.

Lava el piso. - Wash the floor.

Lávate las manos. - Wash your hands.

This is assuming that your verb has a command form. Some of them don’t.

When it’s a negative tú command, they look like subjunctive . If you know subjunctive, you know negative  commands.

No comas eso. - Don’t eat that.

No lo hagas. - Don’t do it.

No me mientas. - Don’t lie to me.

No seas cruel. - Don’t be cruel.

No te vayas. - Don’t go.

No te muevas. - Don’t move.

No hables. - Don’t speak.

No me hables así. - Don’t speak to me that way.

No digas nada. - Don’t say anything.

No te lo pongas. - Don’t wear that. [lit. “Don’t put that on yourself”]

No te rindas. - Don’t give up.

Idiomatic Expression - echar agua al mar


Literally, “to throw water into the sea”

The expression here means “to do something in vain” or “to do something that won’t help”, “to do something futile”, or “to do something uselessly / ineffectively”. 



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*hears a single word from a foreign language that i know* Wow. haha not to toot my own horn or anything but did you guys know that you are in the presence of a sophisticated linguist

Holy hell!

I’ve read before that “Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo” is a grammatically correct sentence, but I never got how.